The Runaway Bunny free storybook based weekly activities for toddlers and preschoolers

The Runaway Bunny: Engaging Storybook-based Preschool Learning Activity Ideas

Delve into 'The Runaway Bunny' through a tapestry of preschool activities that bring the classic tale to life. From crafts to learning games, these storybook-based ideas nurture literacy and motor skills, captivating your child's imagination.

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I was gifted The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown for a baby shower gift. I read it to my baby often and it became one of his most treasured storybook throughout the toddler and preschool years. Naturally, through his love for the book, I started creating themed activities based on little bunny and ideas from the story.

If you’ve never read The Runaway Bunny before, I highly recommend you watch the free read aloud online. Then, if you enjoy the story, borrow the book from your local library!

So, what is The Runaway Bunny all about? It’s about a curious little bunny who wants to explore the idea of running away from his mother. Little bunny cooks up creative ways on how they’ll make that happen. Like any loving mother, mother bunny comes up with her own creative ways to catch her little bunny. For instance, little bunny said they’ll turn into a trout. Then, mother retorts and said she’ll turn into a fisherman and fish them from the stream. At the end of the day, little bunny decides to stay home where they belong. It’s a sweet story with many teachable moments.

Not only is The Runaway Bunny a beloved storybook, they recently adapted it into a short movie (30 minute run-time) on HBO Max! The movie even features the classic song by Mariah Carey Always Be My Baby (how fitting is that?).

Book-based Learning Quick Start Guide

  1. Read by watching the read aloud video of the book for the week.
  2. Learn by building connections between concepts from the story and your child’s world through active reading.
  3. Play one of preschool learning activities based off the themes from the book to engage in discussions, increase comprehension, and learn new preschool skills.

If you are new to TigerKubz’s Storybook-based Activity Guide, read the introduction post for more details.

Listen to The Runaway Bunny Read Aloud

The Runaway Bunny Book Learning Activities

B is for The Runaway Bunny Free Alphabet Letter Craft

Letter B for The Runaway Bunny Alphabet Craft

Help your toddler practice letter recognition with this fun and easy craft. Firstly, cut out the letter B on a piece of construction paper or plain white paper as the bunny’s body. Then, glue pom poms all around the letter B to give the bunny some “fur”. Cut out two bunny ears and glue it to the body. Lastly, glue googly eyes to give bunny some eyes.

Cutting Practice: Mother Bunny’s Great Tightrope Walk

Practice scissor skills with this creative activity using the plot line from The Runaway Bunny when little bunny ran to the circus! Ask your child to help mother bunny cross the tight rope by cutting on the line.

Start by drawing various lines on a piece of paper. Next, draw mother bunny on one end and little bunny on the other. Strengthen your child’s fine motor skills and scissor skills by trying to cut as close as possible on the line and help mother bunny get to little bunny! For advanced learners, challenge them by making zig zag lines and other types of curves to cut along.

Fine and gross motor cutting activity based on The Runaway Bunny free activity for home

Walk the Line

Okay, so chances are, you probably don’t have a tight rope lying around the house. That’s okay! If you have painters tape or any type of string that will work. Begin by making your own makeshift tightrope across your living room or hall. Challenge your child to put one foot in front of the other and pretend to be a tightrope walker.

My toddler loved this game so much that when we were walking around the streets of NYC, he noticed the gaps in between each sidewalk block. He said to me, “look mom, it’s a tightrope!” and practiced balancing between the lines. I love it when they make connections like that!

Find the Bunny!

This is another popular game! Flashcards are not the only way to help your child practice number recognition. This engaging game of hide and seek incentives young children to say the number before they can pick it up to see if little bunny is hiding behind it!

Create your own number cards and cut out a little bunny for hiding. If you’re short on time, The Runaway Bunny learning kit comes with the game all prepped for you and ready to use!

How to Teach Boundaries with Preschoolers

The Runaway Bunny” by Margaret Wise Brown is a classic children’s book that offers subtle lessons on boundaries. It’s a story of a young bunny’s imaginary game of hide-and-seek with its mother. Here are some specific examples of lessons of boundaries from the book:

  1. Unconditional Love and Safety: The mother bunny’s responses to the little bunny’s various escape scenarios demonstrate that the bounds of parental love are limitless. This reassures children about the safety and security of their home and family.
  2. Understanding Limits: The little bunny tests the idea of running away. But learns through the mother’s responses that there are limits to where he can go, physically and imaginatively. Finally, bunny realizes it is necessary to return to the comfort and security of the relationship.
  3. Respect for Rules: The book can be used to explain why rules are in place. Such as, when the mother bunny’s gentle guidance shows that rules aren’t just restrictions but also expressions of care and concern.
  4. Healthy Independence: The mother allows the bunny to explore different scenarios of running away. But, mother bunny is always there to bring him back. This teaches children that while exploration and independence are good, they come with the understanding that some boundaries are meant to protect them.
  5. Trust and Reassurance: Mother bunny finds creative ways to stay with her child no matter where his imagination takes him. This shows children that they can trust their caregivers to respect their independence while also setting boundaries for their well-being.
  6. Predictability and Consistency: The consistent way the mother bunny responds to the little bunny’s ideas provides a sense of predictability and security, which are important for setting and maintaining boundaries in a child’s life.

These lessons can be translated into real-life parenting by discussing the importance of being there for one’s child, setting limits that protect and nurture, and encouraging exploration within safe boundaries. Share with us ways you help establish boundaries at home in the comments below!

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