The stages of art development evolves as a child is given creative freedom to explore and experiment with various forms of tools and colors.

Stages of Writing Development in Preschoolers: From Scribbles to Pictorial Mastery

Dive into the transformative stages of writing development in preschoolers. From simplistic scribbles to intricate pictorial drawings, uncover the hidden significance behind each artistic expression.

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Understanding the stages of writing development during the preschool years can be enlightening for parents. I recall a moment when I collected my 2.5-year-old from school, and his teacher eagerly showcased his artwork to me. At first glance, it seemed like just a sheet blanketed in purple paint. But she highlighted the remarkable focus and control he demonstrated to cover every inch of that paper. Suddenly, that piece of art took on new significance in my eyes.

Grasping the developmental stages of writing during the toddler and preschool years enables us to truly appreciate the essence of our children’s doodles and drawings. This guide aims to help you see past mere “scribbles” and delve into the budding creativity of your 2 or 3-year-old.

Stages of Writing Development

2-3 yearsScribbleUncontrolled (random marks)
Controlled (coordinated eye-hand movement)
2-4 yearsShapesCircles, squares, ovals, triangles, rectangles
3-5 yearsDesignsSuns (with rays)
Radials (lines extending from a center point)
4-5 yearsHumansMakes a “sun face”
Horizontal line from each side as arms; two long lines from the bottom as legs; may make circle hands and feet
4-5 yearsPictorialAnimals with pointed ears
Houses, cars, trees, flowers
Source: Adapted from Analyzing Children’s Art by R. Kellogg, 1969, Palo Alto, CA: National Press

The Evolution of the Sun in Child Art

Part of art development in toddlers and preschoolers involve drawing basic shapes such as a sun which has a circle and lines for rays
The sun is the most common drawing children start drawing all over the world.

A fascinating observation in child art is the frequent depiction of the sun. This universal symbol often serves as a precursor to drawing human figures. The sun’s rays transform into arms, legs, and hair, while the central circle evolves into a face with eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

Documenting Your Child’s Artistic Journey

To witness the evolution of your child’s art, annotate the back of each artwork with the date and their description of it. Even if it’s a lone line they call a “shark”, that’s their perception! Preserve these pieces and, over time, both you and your child can marvel at their artistic progress.

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Nurturing Artistic Growth in Young Children

Wondering if your child is a budding Picasso? Children typically transition to representational drawings around the age of 5. However, artistic freedom and validation play pivotal roles in fostering any innate talent they possess.

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Table of Contents


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