Build a Pizza Counting Game

Build a Pizza Counting Game


Dive into cool math games pizza themed fun! With our “Build a Pizza Counting Game”, preschoolers practice counting from 1-10 while making pizzas, inspired by the beloved book “Pete’s a Pizza”.

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How to Play the ‘Build a Pizza Counting Game’

Setting Up Your Pizza Game

  1. Download and print out the necessary components of the “Build a Pizza Counting Game”.
  2. For increased durability and repeated usage, consider laminating the pizza, toppings, and order sheets.
  3. Organize the pizza toppings in separate muffin pan sections, cups, or bowls for easy access.

Engaging in Pizza-themed Counting Fun

  • Use the pizza order sheets as a guide for your child, prompting them to place the right number and type of toppings on their pizza.
  • For an added layer of interaction, verbally communicate orders to your child, letting them listen and follow instructions.
  • After completing each pizza order, encourage your child to count the toppings aloud, reinforcing their counting skills.

“Build a Pizza Counting Game”: Make Math Deliciously Fun

Taking cues from “Pete’s a Pizza”, we’ve created a counting game that’s not just another one of those cool math games pizza enthusiasts talk about; it’s a hands-on learning experience!


  • Master counting from 1-10 in an interactive and tactile manner.
  • Develop fine motor skills while placing pizza toppings.
  • Enhance listening skills by taking customer orders accurately.
  • Introduce basic math concepts in a playful, pizza-themed setting.


  • Free downloadable and printable activity components for immediate play.
  • Multiple pizza order sheets for diverse gameplay.
  • Detailed pizza ingredients for vivid representation and countability.
  • Perfect for both guided gameplay and independent exploration.
  • Directly ties in with the storyline and themes of “Pete’s a Pizza”.

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Ready for a Pizza Counting Fiesta?

Join the ranks of those who know **cool math games pizza** style! Get your hands on the “Build a Pizza Counting Game” today and make learning countable fun, all while reminiscing “Pete’s a Pizza”.


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