Language activities for preschoolers is easy - all it requires is constant talking, reading, and play.

Language Activities For Preschoolers and Toddlers

Language activities are key for toddlers' literacy and problem-solving skills. Engage with fun, everyday activities to spark their imagination.

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Why should preschoolers start engaging in language activities as early as possible? Language and literacy are a vital part of our children’s overall development. Skills such as recognizing and learning about letters, numbers, shapes, sorting, and patterns are fundamental skills children need to master. This leads to problem solving and imaginative thinking, which are qualities of successful grownups. Children can develop early literacy skills by being involved in every day activities in their home with their family in addition to school.

Language Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers

language activities for preschoolers basic shapes for kids

Talk with your child

Talk about the things you notice around you such as:

  • Colors and shapes of objects and on nature walks.
  • Symbols, letters, and words on objects.
  • Talk to your child about what is happening, talk about feelings, and what the plan is for the day.

Mom teaching a toddler to read with an exciting and captivating book

Read with your Child

Choose fun and engaging stories to read with your child. Read every time you have free time. Read at night before bed.

The most important thing is making story time enjoyable even if it means your child does not want to finish a book from start to finish.

dinosaurs for kids

Play with your child

Lastly, language activities for preschoolers should be fun, active and engaging. Play games with your child such as “house” or “pretend” role play. Let your child be the center and star of the show.

Tools to Help Busy Parents Engage In Language Activities with Preschoolers

Sometimes we’re stretched for time or need a little guidance on engaging our preschoolers in language activities. Check out our all-in-one learning kits for preschoolers that cover many areas of social and cognitive development for 2 to 4-year-olds. Furthermore, the activities are ready-to-use (no prep work involved) and comes with a thorough Parent Guide. Unlock your fullest potential as your child’s first teacher with the learning kits!

Table of Contents


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TigerKubz Preschool Storybook-based Learning Kits

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Transform storytime into a springboard for discovery. Discuss the story with your child to uncover their interests and learning needs.


Dive into play-based learning with activities from our learning kits that relate to your child’s favorite stories. Foster a deeper connection and understanding through fun!


Watch as your child’s comprehension grows with every story. Our learning kit activities deepen their insight, making each reread a new adventure.

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