It's Earth Day storybook based activities for toddlers and preschoolers

It’s Earth Day: Engaging Storybook-based Preschool Learning Activity Ideas

Dive into 'It's Earth Day' by Mercer Mayer with engaging activities for preschoolers. Teach them about environmental stewardship through story-based fun and learning.

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In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2024, we’re excited to feature the book “It’s Earth Day” by Mercer Mayer in our weekly story activity guide.

Reflecting on recent years, Earth Day comes with a poignant reminder of the unexpected environmental benefits that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic, with pollution levels decreasing as the world stayed home. This phenomenon offers a unique teaching moment. We invite you to use this week to discuss with your little learner the significant impact our actions have on the planet’s well-being, inspired by the clearer skies and cleaner waters witnessed during those times of global pause.

Book-based Learning Quick Start Guide

  1. Read by watching the read aloud video of the book for the week.
  2. Learn by building connections between concepts from the story and your child’s world through active reading.
  3. Play one of preschool learning activities based off the themes from the book to engage in discussions, increase comprehension, and learn new preschool skills.

If you are new to TigerKubz’s Storybook-based Activity Guide, read the introduction post for more details.

Preschool Read Aloud Book: It’s Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day by diving into “It’s Earth Day” by Mercer Meyer with us. Listen to the story daily for one week through the read-aloud video below. This routine enriches the upcoming learning activities, grounding your child’s Earth Day awareness and involvement.

How to Talk to Toddlers and Preschoolers About Earth Day

Discussion Question For Toddlers

“Can you find something green in our home or outside? What can we do to help keep things like that green and beautiful?”

This question encourages toddlers to observe their environment and start associating the color green with nature and the importance of maintaining its beauty. It’s a simple way to introduce them to the concept of caring for the environment in a very tangible manner.

Discussion Question For Preschoolers

“Why do you think it’s important to keep our Earth clean and healthy? What are some ways we can help every day?”

This question is designed to prompt preschoolers to think critically about their role in protecting the environment. It opens up a discussion on the importance of a clean Earth and encourages them to think of practical daily actions they can take, like recycling or saving water, fostering a sense of responsibility and agency.

“It’s Earth Day” Preschool Book Play-based Learning Activities

It's Earth Day book activities happy earth vs. sad earth matching game

Happy vs. Sad Earth

Sorting Activity | photo credit and activity by Totschooling


  • Have your child sort the cards based on whether it makes our earth happy or sad.
  • Bonus: do some of the happy earth cards with your child

Newspaper Engineering

Stem Activity | photo credit and activity by Teachers Pay Teachers


  • Newspapers
  • Tape
  • String
  • Make a bag with handles using only the materials provided.
  • Fill the bag up with items around the house to test its strength. See how you can improve it.
  • Try to make other items out of newspaper.
It's Earth Day book activities - make a bag STEM challenge using recycled newspaper
It's Earth Day book activities - recycling sorting activity, teach toddlers and preschoolers how to recycle

Recycling Classification

Sorting Activity


  • Any paper, metal, and plastic product
  • 3 boxes (alternatives: bags, different colored construction paper)
  • Label your boxes (1) Plastic, (2) Paper, (3) Metal.
  • Work together to sort different materials in their respective bags.
  • Have your child try it on their own.

Litter Bag

Arts and Crafts | photo credit and activity by Teachers Pay Teachers


  • Printable
  • Paper bag
  • Supplies to color in and decorate the bag
  • Print out the litter bag labels and decorate it.
  • Cut it out the labels and it on each side of the paper bag.
  • Have your child go around the house and find things that should be in the litter bag.

Make a Birdhouse

Arts and Crafts | photo credit and activity by Craft Create Cook


  • Milk carton (or other cartons will work too)
  • Birdseed
  • Paint (and other materials to decorate)
  • String
  • Using a knife or scissor, cut out windows around the carton.
  • Decorate your birdhouse and add a string at the top so it can hang off a tree.
  • Add birdseeds inside and place outside!

Cereal Box Puzzles

Number Practice | photo credit and activity by Hands on as We Grow


  • Cereal box
  • Marker
  • Cut out the face of the cereal box and write numbers on the back side.
  • Draw puzzle lines around each number so it can be self correcting; cut along the lines you drew.
  • Put the puzzle together by placing the numbers in order or flip the pieces over to put the cereal box picture together.

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