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Why Interactive Read Aloud Is Important For Kids and Preschoolers

Interactive read-aloud sessions, like the Readatron-15 initiative, play a crucial role in a child's language and cognitive growth. Just 15 minutes a day of such reading can significantly impact a child’s academic and emotional development.

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Reading aloud to children is as old as storytelling, but modern research underscores its critical importance in child development. We are thrilled to partner with Read Aloud 15 to remind parents that just 15 minutes a day of interactive reading can make a monumental difference in a child’s life. From birth to age 3, these crucial years lay the foundation for language skills, vocabulary growth, and overall cognitive development. Here, we introduce you to the Readatron-15 initiative—a game-changing tool that can be integral to your daily read-aloud routine.

What is Readatron-15

Interactive Read Aloud
I grew up in the 80’s and my favorite shows as a kid were usually about robots, and often ones that combined using their unique abilities to create one big robot to defeat evil. It is time to think about that same level of unity ” – Bryan of Read Aloud

Readatron-15 is more than just a charming paper robot; it serves as an engaging and interactive tool designed to highlight the transformative power of reading. The idea is simple but impactful: to serve as a constant reminder of how integral reading skills are for a child’s academic and personal growth. Reading isn’t merely a standalone activity; it has far-reaching implications for other subject areas, including art and music.

The Readatron-15 initiative emphasizes that consistency and enjoyment are key. Reading doesn’t always have to be from a traditional book; it can be from labels, signs, or even digital platforms. The most important aspect is that you, the parent, are your child’s first and most essential teacher.

Assembling The Paper Robot

If you’re wondering how to make this interactive experience a part of your daily routine, the Readatron-15 paper robot serves as a fun, hands-on project. The assembly process itself is an educational activity that fosters fine motor skills and introduces basic engineering concepts.

Access More Read-Aloud Resources

Besides the Readatron-15 Paper Robot, Read Aloud offers many other activities designed to enrich the read-aloud experience for parents and children. These resources provide creative ways to engage with your child and make each 15-minute reading session a memorable, impactful experience.

Download the Readatron-15 Paper Robot Activity From Read Aloud Here

Why Interactive Read-Alouds Matter

You may be wondering why interactive read-alouds hold such importance. The answer lies in the multi-faceted benefits that go beyond just listening. Interactive read-alouds involve asking questions, making predictions, and discussing the story, which engages a child’s critical thinking skills. It’s not just about what’s on the page; it’s about what it inspires in a child’s mind—curiosity, creativity, and a lifelong love for learning.

Download the Readatron-15 Paper Robot Activity From Read Aloud Here

If you’re new to the practice of reading aloud, Read Aloud’s 21-Day Challenge serves as a perfect starting point. It’s an easy way to incorporate daily reading into your routine and make it a habit that benefits your child for a lifetime.


Interactive read-aloud, exemplified by creative tools like Readatron-15, are an enriching activity and a fundamental pillar for a child’s cognitive and emotional development. By dedicating just 15 minutes a day to this practice, you’re teaching your child to read and opening up a world of possibilities for their future. So, why wait? Start today and make interactive read-alouds a cherished part of your family’s daily life.

Table of Contents


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