Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  What are TigerKubz Storybook-based Curriculum Learning Kits?

TigerKubz’s storybook-based learning kits have numerous activities centered around six core subjects using characters, themes, and ideas from popular children’s picture books. Chances are, you’re already reading to your child, and if you have a typical toddler, they probably have a favorite book they want to hear over and over again!

The learning kits will be a household essential because it covers various kindergarten readiness skills, but they are all disguised as fun activities! How is it fun you wonder? By presenting activities around their favorite book, you are already speaking to a captive audience. Who wouldn’t want to see their favorite characters and themes come to life with hands-on learning activities?

Now, many of the printable worksheets you find online to DIY typically have a single outcome. You do it once and it’s done. Or, there is only one way to do it and it doesn’t promote different variations of thinking. The goal of TigerKubz’s learning materials is to provide you with reusable tools so your child can practice skills and for you to introduce more challenging concepts once they’ve mastered an objective. The learning materials are all tactile so your child is using and developing all of their senses.

  What does each unit kit come with?

Each unit kit comes with several activities within each core subject (Math, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Fine and Gross Motor, Brain Boosters).

The activities are printed on quality reusable materials for durability, except for projects that are meant to be cut or drawn on.

Velcro dots are used on select activities where a child is asked to sort or place items in a certain spot to prevent slippage (and a frustrated child!) and to make for easier storage of materials.

A parent guide is included for instructions on how to use the materials and ideas on how to modify the activities as your child grows.

All the activities make use of characters, themes, and vocabulary words found in the story so that you can reinforce learning concepts and teach new concepts found in the story with your child and promote active discussions…the basis for reading comprehension skills your child will take when she/he starts school!

  Why can't I just let my child play educational learning apps?

I’ll be honest, we are not a 100% screen-free family. With three kids (who am I kidding, even with one!), there are times I just NEED to use an electronic device. However, I try to limit it the best I can and find real-life learning when possible, and here is why. During the toddler years, their brains are developing at an astonishing rate. One day they’ll say a word or two and you’ll blink and they’re speaking full sentences. It’s incredible!

According to First Things First, a baby’s brain is about 1/4 the size of the adult brain. By their first birthday, it doubles to 50%. By age three, your toddler’s brain is about 80% of the adult size and it reaches about 90% by the time your child enters Kindergarten. All within the first five years!

Humans learn by doing. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you this. Yes, educational apps are, well, educational, but what they are lacking is the sensory response, human connection, and human experiences, which are vital to learning, growing, and promoting curiosity.

During the early childhood years, children need to touch, smell, throw, lick, and experiment with objects because they need to understand that objects have different weights and functions. When you turn an object this way, it matches the puzzle. Activities promoting the pincer grip help strengthen their finger muscle needed to use scissors, draw, and, eventually, write (sorry, but dragging a finger across the screen doesn’t cut it).

I get it, an electronic device is oh so compact and convenient. I’ll never be able to compete with it, but I am not giving up hope because I created TigerKubz to empower parents! When designing all my products, portability is top of mind. All the activities are flat, letter-sized, and tote-friendly so even if you can’t get away 100% from the screens, you can feel confident that TigerKubz is providing you with a screen-free travel-friendly alternative with our age-appropriate learning materials.

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  How much time should I spend doing these activities?

The beauty about the TigerKubz curriculum is that it is unstructured and we encourage you to take the cue of your child and your own schedule.

It is not uncommon to find that the attention span of your child is typically shorter when you start introducing these activities since s/he may find it challenging at first.

As you continue to coach your child through the activities and build confidence, you may find your child wanting to keep doing more and more. They may also want to do the same activity more than once, which is encouraged!

  How much time does each unit take up?

The activities in each unit are designed to grow with your child during the early childhood years. You will find new ways to engage your child with the same activities as s/he grows and learns new concepts.

As an example, in the Find the Bunny game within The Runaway Bunny unit, which encourages number recognition, we encourage parents to start off with a few numbers at a time for beginners (1-3). You can then start introducing more numbers as they become familiar with the first set. This can take hours of playtime with just one activity. The same set is also used for the sequencing activity which can be used every time you reread the story or for retelling the story using the materials as props as your child gets older (3-4 years old).

  What if my child wants more activities from the same book?

We get that and are so glad to hear you have such a curious child that is eager to learn! That is why TigerKubz created the TigerParentz portal, which you can gain access to when you purchase a unit kit (coming soon!). The TigerParentz portal gives you access to additional worksheets you can print at home for your child and ideas for activities to do with your child using materials found around the house!

To gain access the portal, go to [insert url here] using the access code found in your kit.

  What materials will I need at home to use the kits?

You will only need basic supplies such as child-friendly scissors, glue, and pencils, crayons, or markers. All other craft and materials to complete an activity is provided! It really is that easy.

  Are TigerKubz's products special needs adaptable?

Absolutely! Our learning materials are highly visual, hands-on, and contain many sensory activities such as removing and placing Velcro pieces on a mat or using clothespins to select a choice. The materials are durable and portable so you do not have to sit at a table when playing an activity. You can take your learning kits and materials outdoors and encourage movement!

If you have any questions about whether a specific product will fit the needs of your child, please feel free to contact us. We’re parents too and we love to help!

  Is there any prep work involved?

No! Parents are busy enough. All our ready-to-use learning materials for your toddler or preschooler are pre-cut, laminated, and Velcroed for you so you can start engaging right out of the box! TigerKubz’s goal is to give you back hours in the day so you can spend quality time with your child, like reading, playing activities from your learning kit, and maybe some self-care for you! Say goodbye to being overwhelmed by Pinterest and Internet resources and spending hours planning, prepping, cutting, laminating, and assembling materials!

  Who can I contact if I have questions or comments?

The best way to have your question or comments addressed is through our contact form here. All questions will be responded to within 2 business days.

  Can I use the learning kits for toddler or preschool curriculum lesson planning?