Sensory bins are containers filled with different objects that encourage children to use all their senses

Sensory Bins: Everything You Need To Know

Jenna, a seasoned special education teacher, introduces the engaging world of sensory bins, sharing her expert tips for at-home child play. Learn how these hands-on tools can benefit your child's development in her latest post.

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Hello! My name is Jenna and I am beyond excited to talk about all things sensory bins!  Sheryll approached me about her new business adventure and asked me to be a part of it and my gut reaction was “YESSSS!”. As a special education teacher and a mom, being able to use my combined experience has been a dream of mine and I can’t wait to share my ideas with you!

First off, who am I?

Being a mom of two and a special education teacher for over 14 years, I have picked up a thing or two about child development and kiddos. My daughter Peyton is almost 7 (going on 17), and my son Parker is currently in the terrible-two stage (fun times here!).  As a result, looking for fun things to keep my two kids busy or at the least give me two minutes of peace (you know what I’m talking about) has become both a passion and a necessity. I decided to use my expertise from the classroom and bring it home. For instance, sensory bins are staples in my classroom and used everyday with my students. So I thought, why not use them at home with my own children?

Now many of you might be wondering “Jenna, what IS a sensory bin?” You have come to the right spot. Over the next couple of posts I will showcase THE SENSORY BIN!  What is it?  Where do you find them?  How do they work? Aren’t they crazy messy? So many questions (I get it), but don’t worry. As a start, I’ll go into the basics of sensory bins. After that, I’ll answer some commonly asked questions around sensory bins. In addition, I’ll share with you awesome tips and hacks I picked up along the way!

What are sensory bins?

Before I jump down the wonderful rabbit hole of sensory bins, let’s start at the beginning.  Firstly, sensory bins are containers filled with different objects and materials. They provide hands-on tactile experiences and opportunities for children to explore using their senses. Because of their hands-on nature, they are super fun to play with and have many benefits that come along with sensory play!

Next, I’ll go into the benefits of sensory bins. Stay tuned for my next post!

Table of Contents


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