Be a Contributor

Write for us and contribute to the parenting community

Who can be a contributor?

Are you a passionate parent, educator, or early childhood professional who is eager to share your thoughts, tricks (we know you have some up your sleeve), or ideas with a growing community of parents? If so, we are looking for you to contribute to the TigerKubz community! You can be an experienced writer or someone who has great ideas but is a first-timer when it comes to publishing article.

If you are someone who often share your unique tips, tricks, ideas and two-cents on Facebook groups or other channels to help other parents, your ideas usually quickly get lost in all the activity on social media. We can help you preserve and expand on those thoughts permanently by having your content published on TigerKubz!

If you are an established blogger who wants the benefits of writing content for a growing site for exposure, then we want to work with you too!

Who is our audience?

The TigerKubz audience are primarily parents of young children (age five and under), but may have older children as well. We are looking for pieces that are easy to read, encouraging, and practical.

What types of content does TigerKubz publish?

We are looking for the following types of content:

  1. Arts and Crafts
    • Seasonal
    • Thematic
    • Storybook-based
  2. Early Childhood Parenting
  3. Child-related Home Organization
  4. Success Stories with TigerKubz’s curriculum kits

As a guide, the following is a category hierarchy each article will fall under (note: the order, category name, and categories may be modified as we expand our collection of articles):

What we are looking for in an initial pitch.

  1. An interesting topic and what the takeaway is for readers.
  2. Structure your idea in a logical and easy to follow format.
  3. Let your personality shine! We want real people, not copywriters.

Our expectations from you.

  1. You are either a parent, educator or early childhood professional.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the type of content we are looking for and our tone.
  3. Commit to deadlines agreed upon.
  4. Provide content that is unpublished and not used on another site (either on your own site or as a guest poster on another site).

What we can do for you.

Paid Content

We will discuss payment terms with you should we decide to go forward with your pitch.

The article will be published with a profile at the end with your picture and brief biography about your background. A link to your website will not be provided.

Guest Poster

Your article will be published with a profile featuring your photo and a biography at the end of the article and on the sidebar at the top. A link to your website will be provided

Please note that unless we specifically tell you in writing that we want to move forward with your idea and we agree to pay you a specific rate (or to link to your website) in writing, you are not entitled to any compensation for your submission. Additionally, we may already have ideas or plans in progress that are similar to yours, and we are not responsible for any similarities between your submission and our current or future content or actions; any such similarities are purely coincidental.

Still interested?

    Please submit samples of your work: