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We envision a world where parents can have a thriving career and play an active role in children’s early development.

Welcome to TigerKubz: Where Learning Meets Play

Our Mission

At TigerKubz, we believe in the power of play as the foundation of learning in the early years of childhood. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower parents with the tools they need to weave educational moments into everyday play, fostering a lifelong love of learning in their children.

The Journey Begins

Sheryll Yu, the heart and soul behind TigerKubz, was once a busy corporate working mom. Like many parents, she wanted to engage with her toddler in ways that were both fun and educational. However, finding the time to sift through and prepare the myriad of activities available online was overwhelming. Workbooks became the go-to solution, but they fell short of truly captivating her toddler’s imagination and curiosity.

A New Chapter

Life took a turn when Sheryll decided to step away from her career, joining the ranks of stay-at-home moms seeking to dedicate more time to their children’s early development. This shift opened up a new world of possibilities. Sheryll began crafting her own educational resources, diving deep into the depths of early childhood education, child development, and the essential cognitive and social-emotional skills children need to thrive both academically and personally.

A Vision for the Future

Sheryll’s journey unveiled a crucial insight: enriching a child’s development doesn’t require vast resources or endless time. This epiphany sparked a vision where parents, regardless of their career paths or life choices, could actively contribute to their child’s early learning without compromise.

From Idea to Reality

Encouraged by friends and fueled by a newfound passion, Sheryll transformed her homemade learning kits into what TigerKubz is today—a treasure trove of hands-on educational resources for parents and children alike. TigerKubz stands as a testament to Sheryll’s belief that parents can nurture their child’s curiosity and learning, proving they are not only a child’s most important and capable teachers but also demonstrating that it’s possible to balance nurturing their child’s educational journey alongside achieving their personal and professional goals.”

Read on to learn more about the many small moments that transformed TigerKubz into the brand it is today.

The Moments That Shone Light on Our Path

The One Question That Led to an Epiphany

One night, a simple chat between Sheryll and her toddler turned into a big idea for TigerKubz:

“Me: Do you know what a crocus is?
J: No.
(It made sense, because even I had to look up more info about that flower.)
Me: What about a tight-rope walker? Trapeze? Circus?
J: No.”

This talk happened after reading “The Runaway Bunny” many, many times. Yet, the stories and words hadn’t fully connected with her son. Sheryll thought, “How can this be?” Then it clicked: “He’s just two! He’s never been to a circus, and we don’t have a garden in our city home.”

This moment was an eye-opener. Reading the same book over didn’t mean the ideas in it were getting through. It showed Sheryll the importance of not just reading, but making the story come alive, linking the book’s ideas to real life in a way that a child could understand.

This exchange sparked a significant transformation in Sheryll’s approach to reading with her son. She refused to allow their urban environment to narrow his horizons. Instead, Sheryll began to see each book as a portal to new worlds, transforming every reading session into a thrilling journey of discovery. With every page turned, she expanded his universe, proving that their physical location was no barrier to the vastness of his imagination and learning.

From this insight, TigerKubz’s learning kits were born. They are made to make stories jump off the page with fun activities that go beyond reading. The kits help parents turn a simple story into a rich learning experience.

Bringing Stories to Life

After realizing that books could be windows to immersive learning experiences, Sheryll was inspired to create TigerKubz’s unique hands-on learning activities, directly translating this insight into a tangible solution for parents and educators everywhere.

This led to a breakthrough—the creation of a comprehensive storybook-based preschool learning kits designed to extend the vast learning opportunities of stories beyond their pages. By integrating “Create-A-Book” activities to build background knowledge and designing learning games to teach topics within each educational subject pillars like early literacy, math, and science, we make each story a starting point for a broader exploration of the world around us. Our kits are designed to turn passive reading into a hands-on adventure, inviting children to not just listen but to engage, question, and discover.

A Spark in a Small City Apartment

TigerKubz was born not in a vast office or an expansive workshop, but within the cozy confines of a small Manhattan apartment. Here, where space is as precious as time, the concept of TigerKubz came to life. In a city where every square inch counts, Sheryll, like many urban parents, faced the dual challenge of engaging their toddler in meaningful play without surrendering to the chaos of overflowing arts and crafts supplies. It was in navigating this tightrope that TigerKubz’s philosophy was forged.

Understanding the Challenge

The journey of parenting, especially with toddlers, is filled with curiosity and boundless energy. Capturing and maintaining their attention is an art, one that Sheryll discovered could be mastered by turning learning into an active, engaging game. This realization was not just a personal victory; it was the seed from which TigerKubz grew.

The Hands-On Learning Dilemma

At the heart of TigerKubz, we’re all about getting our hands dirty—figuratively, of course. Hands-on learning is our jam, engaging kids’ brains in a way that screen time just can’t match. But let’s face it, transforming our living room into a mini Montessori isn’t as easy as Pinterest makes it look. With every DIY project comes a mountain of supplies and a moment of questioning life’s choices.

Sure, the internet is bursting with “easy” DIY learning activities. Yet, for those of us trying to balance the urban hustle, becoming a part-time crafter on top of everything else feels like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. And let’s be honest, not every parent dreams of hot glue gun mastery. Some of us feel more at home in a courtroom battle or deep in the trenches of Excel, forecasting revenues and debating the finer points of pivot tables.

The lightbulb moment came when Sheryll’s fellow urban moms saw the learning activities she cobbled together. They wanted in, but without the life commitment to craft store loyalty programs or the fear of a glitter explosion in their living spaces. They were looking for a simpler way to spark that joy of learning, minus the DIY badge of honor.

After realizing that the quest for engaging, mess-free educational experiences was a common thread among city-dwelling, courtroom-battling, spreadsheet-conquering parents, the mission of TigerKubz became crystal clear.

Our Mission

Fueled by these collective sighs of relief at the thought of avoiding a glitter apocalypse, TigerKubz set out on a mission to lighten the load of busy, space-conscious families. Our creations are far more than just educational tools—they’re your secret weapon for bringing learning to life at home and on-the-go. By blending the magic of story-based learning with hands-on activities, we’ve developed an educational philosophy that truly gets the urban parenting struggle and meets the growing needs of our little learners.

Designed with the modern family in mind, our products are a nod to the precious real estate of city living, offering compact, mess-free solutions that fit neatly into any corner of your apartment. TigerKubz is dedicated to empowering over-scheduled parents with plug-and-play educational adventures that ignite joy and unleash creativity, all while keeping your living space uncluttered and your sanity intact.

A Personal Journey to Inclusive Learning

After the joyous spark of TigerKubz’s conception and as we ventured into bringing stories to life through our learning kits, our journey took a deeply personal turn. My son, the very heart of TigerKubz’s inspiration, faced his own unique challenges. From a young age, he displayed a boundless energy and a distinct way of engaging with the world around him. Despite the gentle nudges from his teachers towards early evaluations and the realization that traditional methods like workbooks failed to capture his interest, we persisted in finding a path that resonated with him.

In 2018, when he was just two, I noticed that hands-on, tactile activities not only captured his attention but also brought the stories we read to life in a way that was meaningful and engaging for him. This realization was the cornerstone of what TigerKubz would become.

The following year, TigerKubz was born out of necessity, innovation, and deep-seated love. It was a response to a gap I saw not only in my child’s life but in the fabric of early childhood education. When he began kindergarten, my son was officially diagnosed with ADHD. This diagnosis was not an end but a beginning—the start of understanding and advocating for the neurodiverse community.

TigerKubz, in its essence, is more than just an educational brand. It’s a testament to the journey of a mother learning alongside her neurodiverse child, exploring and expanding the boundaries of what educational engagement means. Our kits aren’t just tools for learning; they’re bridges to understanding, designed to be as adaptable and inclusive as the children who use them.

In the beginning, our journey was filled with both breakthroughs and challenges, leading to a profound period of learning. I gained insights into my child’s unique learning style and discovered the broad potential of our kits to support families navigating similar paths. These kits are designed not just to engage toddlers and preschoolers in fun activities but also to provide an invaluable resource for children with diverse learning needs.

During those early, often stressful years, when uncertainty and questions about our own parenting effectiveness arise or as we try to navigate uncharted territories as our children enter new phases of development, TigerKubz stands as a guiding light. My aim is to empower all parents with the tools and knowledge to engage their children in meaningful learning experiences effectively. By fostering understanding and empathy, we ensure that every child, regardless of a diagnosis, has the opportunity to thrive.

Through TigerKubz, I’ve learned that engagement isn’t just about holding a child’s attention; it’s about understanding their world and helping them to navigate it. Our kits are designed to ensure that no child’s learning potential is overshadowed by their needs, proving that every child has the right to discover, learn, and thrive in their own unique way.

Join Our Community

TigerKubz is more than just a brand; it’s a community of parents, educators, and caregivers committed to igniting the spark of learning in children through play. Our kits, designed with love and expertise, cater to a variety of learning styles and developmental needs, making them an invaluable resource for any child, including those in urban environments and those with neurodiverse learning needs. The versatility and convenience of our learning kits ensure that children’s educational adventures can flourish anywhere, without the constraints of space or the need for extensive preparation.

By choosing TigerKubz, you’re not just selecting an educational tool; you’re embracing a philosophy that every child’s learning journey is unique and should be filled with joy, wonder, and discovery. Our kits are meticulously designed to be effective, easy to store, and centered around timeless children’s picture books, ensuring that your home remains a sanctuary of learning and creativity rather than a storage room for educational materials. Join us in our mission to transform everyday moments into extraordinary learning opportunities, making every child’s potential limitless, regardless of their learning style or environment.